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Gift!! :3 by Anon099 Gift!! :3 :iconanon099:Anon099 3 5 Invisible Lines Poster and BookTrailer by Anon099 Invisible Lines Poster and BookTrailer :iconanon099:Anon099 1 0 Black and white QUOTE(updated) by Anon099 Black and white QUOTE(updated) :iconanon099:Anon099 2 0 Arrow Fanart 0.5 by Anon099 Arrow Fanart 0.5 :iconanon099:Anon099 1 0 Marvel/Arrow Fanart5 by Anon099 Marvel/Arrow Fanart5 :iconanon099:Anon099 2 1 Your Choice (Story posted in Wattpad) by Anon099 Your Choice (Story posted in Wattpad) :iconanon099:Anon099 3 0 Arrow Fanart 3 by Anon099 Arrow Fanart 3 :iconanon099:Anon099 4 3 Arrow Fanart 2 by Anon099 Arrow Fanart 2 :iconanon099:Anon099 1 1 Arrow Fanart by Anon099 Arrow Fanart :iconanon099:Anon099 1 1 A Friend... by Anon099 A Friend... :iconanon099:Anon099 4 0 Thought I saw something... by Anon099 Thought I saw something... :iconanon099:Anon099 4 0 A Fresh Draw by Anon099 A Fresh Draw :iconanon099:Anon099 2 2 Carrying the world on my wings by Anon099 Carrying the world on my wings :iconanon099:Anon099 2 0 Sketch for later pyrography on wood by Anon099 Sketch for later pyrography on wood :iconanon099:Anon099 1 0 Sarah Carter by Anon099 Sarah Carter :iconanon099:Anon099 1 1 My Fursona by Anon099 My Fursona :iconanon099:Anon099 4 1


Fight your fear by Shiku14 Fight your fear :iconshiku14:Shiku14 264 24
Left Scribbles (Steve x Reader)
You don't know what pulled you into the little coffee shop down the street. Normally you just walk past, not sparing a single glance to the large window where people can watch the ongoing life outside.
But today you feel like you need a break from a what is going on and the waft of coffee seems so alluring now.
So you walk into the cozy shop and search for a free place, the rush hour packing the shop. The barista meets your searching eyes and flashes you a smile before pointing towards a free table.
You nod in thanks and weave your way through the people to sit down on the seat near the windows.
With a satisfied huff, you look around the shop and shake your head.
Then your eyes lock onto the little book on the table. It doesn't seem like it's the menu so maybe someone left it here.
It's clad in brown leather and looks really inconspicuous, but your curiosity is spiked.
Slowly you pull the book towards you and look around, maybe the owner is near and sees you snooping. Nobody seems to n
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 27 5
Date With Advice (Steve Rogers x Reader)
It was a surprise to you that the Captain America asked you out on a date, but it was a pleasant surprise.
Steve was nervous, you could tell, hands shaking slightly and a moment later tugged into his pants pocket. He licked his lips but after you said yes to the date he wore a dazzling smile, before bounding out of your office, nearly walking into the closed door.
Now you stand in front of your apartment complex, dressed up and a little makeup on your face.
You are nervous, you can't deny that. But to be honest, who wouldn't be nervous if Steve Rogers asked them out.
He kept the location of your meeting to himself, but strangely enough his best pals Sam and Bucky ran into your office yesterday.
Bright smiles on their faces you suspected that they were up for trouble.
“Hey, (y/n)”, Sam greeted you and Bucky smiled.
With raised eyebrows, you studied them but couldn't think of anything that they would want from you.
“What would your perfect date be like?”, Bucky
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 33 13
On Your Left (Steve Rodgers x Reader)
“I’m really glad we’re finally doing this,” Sam said as Y/n jogged beside him. He’d been asking her to be his running partner for over a month.
“Don’t get too excited, it’s a one time thing,” Y/n huffed. Their sneakers pounded the pavement simultaneously. “I only agreed so you would stop bugging me.”
“Who knows, you could get hooked.”
“I will not, I hate jogging.”
“No you don’t, you just hate waking up this early.”
Y/n laughed. The sun cast purple rays into the sky as it crawled out from the darkness of night. The national mall was deserted, which in Y/n’s mind, was the one and only perk of being up at the crack of dawn. Sweat gathered on her hairline and her legs burned comfortably.
“On your left.” A deep masculine voice said from behind the two friends. Y/n jumped slightly as she watched a fit man in a tight grey shirt pass them.
Sam groaned,
:icond0gss:d0gss 96 15
Thunderstorms ((Steve Rogers x Reader))
You were sitting in your bed with your soft blankets tucked around you, reading a novel. The room was dark except for a few candles burning in their holders on your night table. They bathed you and the pages of your book in a soft, yellow glow. As you read, you could hear raindrops gently tapping on the window outside. It was cold and most people would call this a miserable night but you enjoyed the sound of the rain. It made you feel cozy and safe.
A sudden flash outside your window made you jump. It resembled the flash of a camera but you were on one of the top floors of Stark Tower. Unless Spiderman had scaled the building in the rain to snap photos of you in your pajamas, you were pretty sure it was just lightning. The slow, rumbling build-up of thunder confirmed your thoughts. It was quiet so it must be fairly far away. You shrug and return to your book. A minute later, another flash lit up your room. This time, a massive rumble of thunder sounded through the sky. That one was muc
:iconfrecklelemonade:FreckleLemonade 31 4
Eye Contact [Steve Rogers x Reader]
You can hardly remember how exactly you had joined the famous Avengers. The day of Loki’s attempt for world domination was when you were noticed. You had been fighting off aliens in your office building while trying to find a way to escape. Although you can’t remember where you were born or raised or taught, you had impressive fighting skills and a gift. Telekinesis and ‘manipulation’ you had begun to call it; you could control objects, even people, with your mind. A gift and a curse in the beginning, but now that you have control over your power it can be helpful most times. You’ve seen the Avengers’ abilities as a group, but you figured that kind of lifestyle just isn’t for you. You don’t enjoy being tied to so much responsibility and expectation; a reason that confuses you even more so of how you ended up living in the Stark Tower.
You ran with heaving breaths through the falling concrete that was once your office building,
:iconallie543:Allie543 22 2
SpideyMusic by ribkaDory SpideyMusic :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 681 13
Kiba x Reader: Play Date
(d/n) - dog name and yesh it has to be a girl name srry~
(f/c) - fur color
You was sitting down under a tree for shade. You looked out at the grassy field watching (d/n) playing and running around. She keeped running around trying to catch a butterfly when she suddenly fell into a pile of flowers. You laughed slightly then looked up at the sky. The warm wind blew agints your face you closed with a smile on your face.
A few minutes later you opened up your eyes. When you looked back out to the field and you didn't see (d/n) anywhere. 'Where did she go now...' you thought to yourself as you looked around for her. You then found her laying down next to you chewing on a bone.
"Where did you get that bone (d/n)?" you asked her as you ran your hand over her soft (f/c) fur. She then looked over to the side of the tree where
:iconlexieawesome:LexieAwesome 294 57
It’s been eight, long weeks since (y/n) was imprisoned in this shed that was now her personal hell. Just before all this happened, she had just been prowling around in the forest happily with her husband, pregnant with his children. But then tragedy struck when she accidentally stepped on a bear trap. He revered into his human form to help her, seeing as it’ll be easier to pry it off if he had human hands. Unfortunately, the hunter who had set that trap was nearby and me came forward from the tree he was hiding behind. Boy did he get the surprise of his life when he saw what looked like a young man trying to get his trap off a wolf, and he almost had a heart attack when the man suddenly turned into a wolf, growling and bearing his teeth at him. To add to his shock, the wolf then shifted into a lovely woman and attempted to get the trap off her ankle herself. On a mission to protect his family, (y/n)’s husband lunged at the hunter, ready to snap at his neck. Sadly the
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 85 24
Wolf's Rain (Kiba X Reader) Soft~
~Kiba x reader~
“Kiba?~” (Name) asked. “What?” he asked as they were walking down the street. “Can we go to the meadow? Please.” She asked looking up at him with those beautiful (e/c) orbs of hers that she knew he couldn’t resist. “Sure, why not.” He smiled down at her as her eyes sparkled.
When they got to the meadow (Name) turned into a beautiful (fur/c) wolf and ran through the flowers. Kiba smiled at how happy she was. He turned into a wolf too and ran up to her. She pounced down in a playful manner and yelped happily. (Ya know how a dog wants to play they’ll crouch down) Kiba followed in proses and playfully pounced at her. She yelped in surprise and moved out of the way. He started to chase her around the meadow.
(Name) got tired and laid down in the soft grass panting. She yelped when a shadow was over her blocking the sun. She looked up at Kiba as he leaned down and licked her nose making her face become red under
:iconawsome2121:awsome2121 88 40
Chasing Cars- Kiba x Reader
Chasing Cars- Kiba x Reader
Wolf's Rain
Kiba X Reader
We'll do it all everything on our own
We don't need anything or anyone,
If I lay here, if I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
It was evening. You were sitting outside on the cold hard ground, alone. You heard footsteps approaching you and turned your head to see Kiba. It is just the two of you. You think to yourself “Being together is the best thing, we don’t need anyone else”. Evening turned to night. You lay down to sleep as did Kiba. The night air was cold on your fur and face. You shivered; Kiba awoke and said “Would you like to lie with me? And escape to Paradise?” You felt your heart fluttered at his offer, and you moved closer to him.
I don't quite know, how to say, how I feel
Those three words. Are said too much, they're not enough,
If I lay here, if I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Just lying with him brought a blush to
:iconkibaroark:KibaRoark 71 35
Tsume x reader
                     Tsume x reader
          "Hurry it up chicky!" Tsume yells back at you. "I have a name you know
asshat." _____________ yells back at him. "Does it look like i really care what your
name is kid." Tsume says looking back at you. "I am not a damn kid im 24 years
old." _____________ yells at Tsume. Tsume smerks looking back at you. "Will you
two love birds quit fighting it's getting really frickin annoying." Hige yells. "You
want to make something of it, to make me stop Porkchops?" _____________ says
glaring at Hige. "Porkchops? Whats up with the weird name?" Hige says looking
at you. ______________ glares at him but keeps your lip shut, Toboe comes over to
you. "_____________are you ok your normally not like this?" Toboe says looking at
you. "Ya i'm ok, just a little pissed." ____________ says talking quietly. "Ok but
____________can you walk with me please?" Toboe asks looking at you. You
:iconkanaichi:Kanaichi 51 8
Toboe x reader
                 Toboe x reader
            "Get out, run now!!!" Kiba yells to the pack. As soon as Tsume, Hige, Toboe
and ____________ heard him yell that we took off. Tobow was lingering behind
everyone else, so you slow down to be back near him. Suddenly you both hear a
gun shot and it was aimed towards you and Toboe. Since all of us were wolfs at
the moment ______________ nudges Toboe's butt and makes him go faster. "Come
on Toboe we need to go faster, people are shooting at us." ____________ tells him
nudging him again. The others could hear the shots too so as they ran they
turned around and yelled at us to hurry up.
                ~A while of running in the snow later~
               _____________ started slowly slowing down from everyone else. You
watch the restof them run, you slow down to a walk. ______________ starts
:iconkanaichi:Kanaichi 41 14
Wolf's Rain Various! x Reader-Grows On You Part 1
You slept quietly in your pack's den, your face tucked into your fluffy (h/c) tail.
Well, you called it a pack, but it was really only a few wolves. Those wolves were you, Aruma, Craesis, Valadak, and Yuiki. You were the youngest of the bunch, a good half a year younger than the next youngest, Craesis. Valadak and Yuiki had started the pack, they were twin brothers, after their own was slaughtered by humans. Aruma was the next to join them on their journeys, as he was abandoned as a pup. Then came Craesis, who followed the other three around for a while out of curiosity, then eventually joined them. You were the newest member to the pack and, coincidently, the only female.
Anyway, story line.
You slept soundly, curled up between Craesis and Aruma, while a blizzard raged outside.
Click... Bang!
You were startled out of your sleep by a loud bang, an extremely horrendous howl following.
You gasped when the overwhelming scent of blood hit your nose. You whipped your head around, s
:iconemberillion:Emberillion 16 9
Agents of SHIELD x Reader: Wolf-girl
“Sir, we’re just received a call from HQ, something about a giant wolf in Chicago?” Ward informed Coulson as he entered his office, “May is already en route.”
“Good. Any more information you can tell me?” he asked, standing up and moving towards the door.
“Well you’re not going to believe this, but reports say that one minute she was an average looking civilian, and the next she was a giant wolf,” Ward chuckled, but he silenced himself when he saw the look that Coulson shot at him.
They filed out of the office and within thirty minutes they were landing in Chicago amongst chaos and debris. They drew their weapons and headed towards the site. They froze upon entering the store when they heard a low growl and Phil gave the order to split up. Ward crept around the shelves silently until he heard a loud bark and May shouting. He ran around the corner and was faced with a giant (h/c) wolf that stood nearly six feet tall at the shou
:iconvivivangogh:ViviVanGogh 65 12
TR: (M!Reader x Lara Croft) Survival 2
Chapter 2: Survival and Sam
"AH!" (F/N) yells.
He just got hit in the face by Lara.
"WHAT THE HELL?!" Lara yells.
"Well good morning too you too." (F/N) said holding his nose.
"Why were you hugging me?!" She was blushing and was embarrassed.
"You were freezing, even though you had my wolf pelt on you were freezing and shivering so I decided to lay down next to you and warmed you through body heat."
Lara was still blushing but calmed down.
"Oh. Well, sorry." She said, but whispered it.
(F/N) gets up and fixes his nose, a crack is heard which made Lara flinch.
"Apology accepted, now then, I'm going to hunt for food, you can either stay or accompany me, if you won't hit me in the face."
He takes his bow out.
Lara scoffs, "I can handle myself." She said.
"Sure you can." (F/N) said as he walks down the slope and into the woods.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Lara questioned.
(F/N) stopped and turned around, "I think
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 74 12


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Hi, guys. I am from Portugal. I love every type of art and I love drawing :) If you have a comic, I would love read it :3
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GIVE IT A READ!! Kique7's AMAZING comic: Asmundr and Home
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