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Hi, guys. I am from Portugal. I love every type of art and I love drawing :) If you have a comic, I would love read it :3
She Wolf Stamp by Goldenwolf Anti Big Bad Wolf Stamp by Rika24 .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf Big Dogs Stamp by RooniferI love Bullmastiffs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dogues de Bordeaux by WishmasterAlchemist I love Bandogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Mixed-breed Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Alaskan Malamutes by WishmasterAlchemist I love German Shepherd Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist White Shepherd Puppy Stamp by cloudrat I love Rottweilers by WishmasterAlchemist

GIVE IT A READ!! Kique7's AMAZING comic: Asmundr and Home
Asmundr Stamp by J-Harper
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Jane Carson

WOLF FORM (Beast / Feral)

Fur Color: Black with some Brownish Markings
Height: 1.88 m (Beast) or 85 cm (Feral)* 
Weight: 120 Kg (Beast) or 55 kg (Feral)
Total Length (Including Tail): 2.86 m (Beast) or 1.83 m (Feral)
Speed (Running): 70 – 80 km/h
*(Adult, shoulder)
Appearance: Jane and her brothers can be distinguished from other canis species by its larger size and less pointed features, unlike dog ears, which are often large and floppy their wolf ears are rounded, stand straight up, and are filled with fur. Another trait that is common among all of Carsons is their broad face, given them by the thick ruff of fur on the sides of their heads, their narrow set eyes and their long and not pointed noses made them like as ordinaries Gray Wolves. They also have a winter fur that is long and bushy and a summer coat that is fresh and short.
Markings/Scars: Heal quickly is a good way to prevent scars. However, they can have some scars that can be felt in both wolf forms.
Tolerance for Temperatures: The Mutts can tolerate temperatures until -65°C and in general, with plenty of water, air circulation and shade, they will probably be okay in warm temperatures up to about 40°C.
Reproduction:It's like as humans. Although females can have a powerful action on the males in the heats between January to April.
MALES: All males can start mating when 17 (human age) when all of their reproduction system is ready to reproduce.
FEMALES: All females can start mating when 17 (human age) when all of their reproduction system is ready to reproduce. When a female wolf is in heat it last between 5-10 days. She becomes agressive and territorial. Normally with other males but females can expect a hostil mood too in these days.
- The pregnancy is just like as humans pregnancy. The babies born human and normally only one baby is born (like Adam), although twins can be born too (like Jay and Jane), like humans. It last 9 months either, and just like a truly mother does the females can become over protective over her baby. The baby can or not have the wolf gene, depends on each parent and the family genetics, which means that one of two kids born by the same mother could haven't the wolf gene. If the baby have the wolf gene he can start morphing between 5-10 years.
- The desire to mate, to hunt and feed is intensified in this times.
- Although wolves often have long-lasting attachments to their mates, if one wolf dies, the widowed mate may breed with another wolf.
Senses: (The senses in the human form are much look alike as they are in the wolf form)
Sense of smell: The sense of smell in The Mutts is highly developed the distance at which any scent can be detected is governed by atmospheric conditions but, even under the most favorable conditions, 1.80 miles denotes a particularly keen sense of smell.
Hearing: Next to smell, the sense of hearing is the most acute of the Mutts's senses. They can hear as far as 5 miles away in the city and 10 miles in the open. Wolves can hear well up to a frequency up to 80 khz (the upper auditory limits for humans is 20 khz), also according to some naturalist wolves' hearing is greater than that of the dog.
Sight: The Mutts also have keen eye sight and are quick to detect the slightest movement of anything in front of them. Being major predators, their eyes are on the front of their heads, and they have probably a little less than 180-degree vision. They have full colour vision even more lucid than humans and night vision.
- The Mutts can take two forms when change into a wolf. They can have the appearance of a normal wolf, in Feral Form or take a huge reflexion of themselves changing into a Beast Form.
- Any of them will need at least 4 lbs of meat a day if they stay in the wolf form for more than 24 hours but they can eat like a normal human either.
- Males are often taller than females in both wolf forms (5-15 cm) and more heavy (10-20 kg).
- Their particles move differently which means that they react differently to certain things such drugs and painkillers (which has to be administered with higher doses) venoms and diseases ( some don't even affect them and others if affected are less intensified).
- Like other wolves they do not run at full speed until they get close to their prey as possible. At that point, they make a high-speed chase to test the animal.
- The Mutts are very comfortable in the water, and does not hesitate to wade through icy streams or swim across short stretches of lake and they will readily follow prey into water.
- Although they can communicate between each other they can't send any thought or image for other people rather than their group. So for facilitate the contact between TMtts/Other Agents a system has maded by SHIELD for The Mutts could communicate with other AGENTS (Not allowed by SHIELD to communicate with Normal People.. But possible). The system was implanted like a SHIP in their necks and is directly connected with other systems like telephones, Spy Headsets...



Name: Jane Carson
Nickname(s): Miss Carson (Stark word game with the word Error), Carson or J (Agent Name), Big Bad Wolf (Clint), Shadow (Code Name), Fenrir (Loki), JJs (Peggy's nickname for the Twins), Little Grenade (Coulson), Boggyman (Tony), Cub (Adam)
Age: 30 (2016)
Gender: Female 
Birthday: 17th June 1986 (share the day with her twin Jay)
Zodiac: Gemini 
BirthstoneMoonstone is the Mystical Birthstone
Species: Wolf
Accent: -
Height: 1.72 cm
Weight: 65 Kg

OC's Appearance

Skin Color(s): Fair Skin
Hair: Brown
Hairstyles: Ponytall, Loose, with Beanie and Bun
Eyes: Close-set Eyes
Eye Color(s): Green Brownish
Unique Feature(s): Although healing quickly due to being a wolf, has a few scars that are seen in human form, although they can also be felt in wolf form because unlike other animals the hair to grow back, not having those flaws features.
She also has tattoos: Back of Neck- Japanese Symbol of WOLF - 狼 - (Made in 2004 when she was 18 leading to a "Talk" with Fury), Back Ear Tattoo- Wolf Paw and Left Side Clavicle- الذئب волк Vlk чоно λύκος lupus (various idioms telling always the same word " wolf")

OC's Clothing Style

Gym: SHIELD Equiment, Desportive Underwear, Black Sneakers, Tank Top, Cut off Finger Gloves for Gym, Black Gym Shorts
Swimwear: Black Triquini
Fancy: Sexy Black Cocktail Dress
Pajamas: Shirt XXL with grey underwear or just a Black Body
Normal: Her Catsuit when in missions or just a normal Daily Clothes
Underclothes: Normally Desportive Underwear, Normal Underwear... But sometimes she uses a black corset or just a sexy lingerie
Accessories: Her Intelligent Black Watch (From SHIELD), Necklace with Dog tags (It began as a joke between The Mutts when they were training, because of the names "Dog" and "Tag". Altough it was a good christmas present when they give each others one Sterling Silver Dog Tag), 2 Black Hair Ties (Left Wrist), Black Leather Jacket, 1 Black Two Finger Ring (Right Hand), Upper Arm Silver Spike Cuff (Right Upper Arm), Dark Brown Leather Bracelet (Gift from Her Older Brother. He was the older and he loved his sibling more like a father than a ordinary brother, he only wanted to be the family that his younger siblings didn't had. Inside the bracelet has a inscription "Never Fall Apart.TMtts." -A reminder that no matter what they will always be together and The Mutts signature.- In the bottom of Adam's phrase she added "5th March 2005" the date when he died and for sure fall apart...)
OC's Personality

Social: Not Shy...Sometimes even Rude. Social.
Bravery: Brave. She will do whatever she wants when she wants. Nobody Tamed her and never will.
Rebellious: Obstinate. Follow rules? What is rules, anyway?
Tidy: Something in middle. Her mess is her order.
Daredevil: She loves a new challenge... And most dangerous the better.
Bookworm: She loved books.. Now she doesn't care about them. Make the Memories painful.
Personality: She has very diferents moods. Leader and Alert is the most used.

OC's Likes/Dislikes

Favorite Food: Everything with Meat.. Uhmm...
Favorite Drink: Cold Fruit Juices and sometimes a little alcohol drink (depending the mood).
Favorite Movies: Action and Adventure Movies
Favorite Music: Eletronic Music, Classic, Jazz, Rock 'N' Roll, every type...uh... except one typical type (see below)
Favorite Tv Show: -
Favorite Book: She loved the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which was always told by Adam
Favorite Holiday: Summer Vacations (with her brothers)
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Place: Anywhere with an large space to run and be herself
Favorite Color: Black
Least Favorite Food: Anything with Fish
Least Favorite Drink: -
Least Favorite Movies: Romantic ones
Least Favorite Music: Romantic ones
Least Favorite Tv Show: -
Least Favorite Book: -
Least Favorite Holiday: -
Least Favorite Season: Spring
Least Favorite Place: Shield Summer House (Althougt make her feel free.. She also feel guilt, rage and make think a lot and miss his brother.)
Least Favorite Color: White

OC's Habits

Overeating: Maybe... It depends on the circumstances
Smoking: Only in Undercover Missions
Spending Money: Only in needs
Gossiping: Only with her best friends aka Black Widow and Scarlet Witch
Lying: She would never lie.. only if the truth is not hers to tell
Drinking: In parties.. She takes the security of her and others to a hight level... So the state of alert is her constant mood
Cheating: NEVER! If she stays with someone for real.. She will take the relationship seriously.

OC's Personal Life

Occupation/Job: SHIELD Agent/ Avenger
Education: SHIELD's and Fury/ Peggy/ A.Coulson
Family: 2 Brother (1 decease and her Twin)
Friends: Avengers
Allies: Avengers, Fury, Maria Hill, Jay Carson (Twin and Agent too)
Best Friends: Natasha and Wanda
Crush: Steve
Rival: Sharon
Enemies: Winter Soldier (Temporary)
Obsessions: Control... Because her Alpha instints and her Fears
Fears: Lose Control over Herself
- She was raised by SHIELD that found out that Carsons's children could change into a wolf, and took them from a orphanage when they were 3 years old (Twins) and 5 years old (Older- Adam that was born on 13-07-1984) because Adam just morph himself into a wolf in front of the Director, who luckly knowed about SHIELD and called some agents. The twins were brought too by two reasons: First because Adam stoped turning when the agents told him that the twins would have to stay and he would have to leave with the agency. And second because SHIELD had some doubts of them morphing later. The kids ends up being raised by some agents of SHIELD including Peggy Carter, A.Coulson and Nick Fury
- She is one of the 3 members of Carsons's Family team (The Mutts) partnering with her 2 brothers (Silver Weapon (Adam) and Wolf (Jay) - their code names). Being SHIELD's most qualified agents elected to dangerous missions because their morphing capacity, strengt and superhuman senses.
- As an Agent of SHIELD she was also integrated in Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton team and worked later as STRIKE agent.
- She has a very tight bond with her twin brother which is described as a love/hate relationship but she really adored her older brother, Adam.
- She and her brothers was later introduced in an evolutionary program by SHIELD. They enhanced their abilities, pumped them full of strange drugs, and tried to make them ultimate weapons (they used a improved copy from Steve's serum). But they made a mistake. The Mutts couldn't be controlled with wild spirit within their hearts because they were not dogs to sit and bark. Adam was the last entering in the program but the first to snap. Something made him lost control of his own wolf and full him with only rage and thirst of blood. Security was compromised and the twins (now improved) had the mission to put him down by protection of everyone. She tried to make SHIELD work on some antidote but there wasn't one. They had terminated the project. Like they were just some machines, some program SHIELD were working on, disposables. Two were a succeed one a failure. They won, it was all that matters. She doesn't follows the orders and she paid the price for that. Adam became only more violent and aggressive. Jay was almost killed and she was badly injured by their own brother. She ends up killing her older brother and because of that she blame Fury for what happened. Making her leave SHIELD with 19 old (2005).
- With the pass of the years she learn how to suppress her feelings but she doesn't allow herself to love again because she feared to become like Adam one day and hurt who she truly love like he did. She will ever be angry with herself for not found a better way to control him. She will not have the naivety that the younger Jane had and she will always carry the guilt for killing her own brother... For making the Silver Weapon Falls... Her own Hero.
- She passes a year in the streets in the Feral form ( The minor wolf form ) making her pass like a dog... being and feeling it like a dog... Grieving. Until she saw an announcement where a company was employing security guards and she candidate herself as a mercenary. The company didn't care about who she was or where she is from... Treating her like merchandise... She is later visited by A. Coulson that wants to help her fix her life, although she accepted it she make it clear that if she saw anyone of SHIELD again she would disappear. A. Coulson make them selling her to another company (more trustworthy) and promises to follow her advice: leave her alone.
- She ends up working as security chief in a few important buildings, using her fight skills and super senses, during almost 6 years. With a good life, good apartment, good job... Without anyone to blame her or use her once she is, now, working with trusty people. Although, his Twin Brother doesn't let her all a side and made her feel uncomfortable because she know that he loves her but make her suspicious about a trick from SHIELD to spy upon her.
- In May, 2012, the suspicious came true and she is recruited for Avengers Initiative where she met Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and mighty Thor and reunites with Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton. Steve and her are attracted to each other but with her insecurities and his embarrassments we don't see the couple adjust only some cute moments, where we know that they like each other but they don't.
- In March2014, Steve and Jane are launched into a war between Hydra and SHIELD, what makes their relationship grew better although she finds a new rival, Sharon, and a new friend Wilson. She also find an Asset, called The Winter Soldier with whom she will have her revange later when Steve found where he was hidden, for his fail try to kill her.
- In May, 
2015, she appears again as Shadow, the wolf, and fights side by side with her team mates against Ultron, a machine which wants to rule the world, finding later a strong bond with the Maximoffs.
- In May, 2016, she stays in the Captain America's team, helping him endle with Peggy's death (The most important woman to her and one of the agents that raised and trained her) and supporting the cause of the division of the Avengers: The Freedom to be what they truly are without anyone to opinion about it. Was caught by the government and putted in a cell with the others teammates from Cap's Team.

OC's Abilities

Power/Skills: Animal transformation (Or Morphing). Superhuman Senses, Agility, Stamina, and Reflexes. Regenerative Healing Factor, Longevity, Master Martial Artist, Self Defense, Close Quarter Combat, and Tactician. Minor Medical Knowledge.
Strengths: Inhuman
Weaknesses: She is too loyal to the ones she cares about.. She would die to protect someone she loves.
Equipment: Black Harley, Two Glocks, Pocket Knives, Twin Sword, Point Throwing Knives
Alias:  Miss Carson (Stark word game with the word Error), Carson or J (Agent Name), Big Bad Wolf (Clint), Shadow (Code Name), Fenrir (Loki), JJs (Peggy's nickname for the Twins), Little Grenade (Coulson), Boggyman (Tony), Cub (Adam). She is an Hero.
Code Name: Shadow (Wolf Form) or Carson (Human Form)
Costume: A Black Catsuit like Black Widow with her symbol (Wolf Paw) in the Human Form. A Black Modular Bullet Proof Harness for Military Dogs with her symbol (Wolf Paw) in the Wolf Form.
Partners: She is an Avenger and a Shield agent.. So, she has a lot of partners.
The ones she is most close: Steve, Natasha, Clint, Tony, Vision, Sam, Wanda and Pietro (They was like a younger brothers to her), Bruce, Thor. Her Twin Brother.
Even her three dogs/wolves hybrids (Magnus♂, Xena and Kane♂) that are trained to obey her and stay with her in missions (Recognise and Search the Territory, Fight or just Surveillance). They are a mix of huge species of dogs somewhat close to Grand Danois in height and a American Alsatian/German Shepherd in appearance with a good built to fight but also a extremely agile structure to run. With medium fur and a big anatomy they have a good behavior and are extremely intelligents.


-"They took us from the orphanage... for that I am forever grateful... for the rest... I am good own my on."
-"SHIELD turned us into weapons. We were already wolves, the best agents... But it doesn't made them stop. They wanted the best... The better weapons... Or the worst ones..."
- "Fury, m
last mission on SHIELD was to kill my brother. If am here is not to follow your rules or become your pet. I am here to make the difference, to make him proud..."
- "An advice? You want an advice from me?!... Be sure not to hurt who do you do not want to see bleeding. Because I assure you.. Is the worst thing in life."
-"Boggyman?! You wanna bet??"
-“Oh, don’t tell me you’re afraid?”
-"I'm strong enough on my own."
- Scott(Ant-man): "This is not good..." Jane: "And it will be worst... Be ready."
- Sam: "What do we do?" Steve: "We fight!" Wanda(to Jane): "And...we win?" Jane: "Or die trying..."


Adam Carson- The Mutts by Anon099Jay Carson- The Mutts by Anon099Jane Carson- The Mutts by Anon099

THIS TEMPLATE BELONGS TO Skyelove12. Thanks to let we use this :)
  • Listening to: Halsey - Young God / Control
  • Reading: -
  • Watching: Steve's Training
  • Playing: Training
  • Eating: Apple
  • Drinking: Cold Lemon Juice

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